The banks could have said after taking our money to save their banks asses they were going to drop all our jobs, and leave us in their debt.

hhahahaa unbelievable actually. Especially they were the ones whom messed it up, not us. People broke laws, the money is gone, it's "tough, sorry"

Not a joke, that is how it's being looked at. It's why people are RIOTING in Greece. Perhaps that is because, that is how it is..?

Lloyds has said it will cut another 15,000 jobs, 14% of its workforce.

The move is part of the banking group's strategic review that targets 1.5bn in annual savings by 2014 and aims to reduce its international presence.

The High Street lender has already cut 27,500 jobs since its merger with HBOS in 2009.

However, the bank said it would not close any UK branches, implying that the cuts are likely to fall on middle management and back office functions.

Among the promised changes were "better end-to-end processes and IT platforms, a de-layered management structure and simpler legal structure, [and] centralised support functions".

"This is a huge shake-up," said the BBC's business editor, Robert Peston, with consequences that "will ripple through the British economy".
BBC News - Lloyds Banking Group to shed 15,000 more jobs