I have just come from that latest 9-11 thread that has now been closed but, that did not stop me from going through the thread to make note of the same members as usual spreading their BS about 9-11, which include everything from there being no explosions and bringing down the "3 Buildings" did not require controlled demolitions (I had family and friends there and trust them when they told me there were many explosions) to every sort of typical Government Line, like there was no molten metal...again this is sheer BS.

So, I am asking, is there even one of you out there brave enough to admit your being paid by NSA or some other government agency to spread dis-information and disrupt these forums? Come on, is there even one of you brave enough to admit the truth or are we expected to believe there really are so many imbeciles on ATS. It is either or folks; either ATS is infested with Government Propaganda Agents for this forum has succumbed to the dumb and dumber.

But again I will ask, come on, surely there is one of you Government Sock Puppets willing to admit your presence and why not go on to tell us what you are really up to.

Karma is inescapable.

Karma is inevitable!
I had this problem a few times on some sites. Where talking about 9/11 would result in my being banned.

I was raising facts, not speculation. Witness testimony. Such as Barry Jennings.

Particularly on ATS this was suppressed. My posts were deleted/altered/removed/trolled.

Trolls were supported by moderators (as far as I could tell, intentionally aiding the spread of disinformation), and (as far as I can tell) also intentionally aiding and egging on the 'battle'.

It may well be that this sort of commotion keeps a big site busy.

Screw that.

How many Sock Puppets and Dis-information Agents are there on ATS?, page 1

It's well worth noting Barry Jennings claimed the same thing the author of this post I found on ATS!

I wonder how long it will be till this guys thread is deleted too