Every 26,000 years, energies flow in to our planet from the Galactic Center by way of Sirius, a star that is twenty times brighter than the Sun. The purpose is to stabilize the Earth prior to its receiving the energies from the Central Sun at the end of that particular cycle of Time. When the Sirian vortex opens, the energies penetrate the Earth near the Four Corners monument.
Vortex of the Goddess « The Awakening

Author Richard Dewolf :

The next opening is due on 11/11/11, he said, and, when it happens, the vortex will "expand wider and wider and encompass miles in area." The vortex, Dewolf said, will stay open for a year or two and allow the Earth to release negative energy which has accumulated "for eons" as well as survive potential damage from the impending arrival of Planet X.
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The Hopi Indians:
In 2011, another major opening of the Sirian vortex will take place as we move through the shortest cycle of the calendar of the Mayans who studied the esoterics of the movements of these stars. As it opens, this vortex of the Goddess will form a cross overtop of the Four Corners area.
Animal Communications: Messages from Mayan and Hopi Shamans
Vortex of the Goddess « The Awakening

In Hopi mythology, there is a prophesy that states that, at the End of Time, a blue star katsina will ‘appear in the Heavens’ and immense changes will take place on the Earth.