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Thread: THE Real present global Messiah undercover and His Mission

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    Remote THE Real present global Messiah undercover and His Mission

    You should read this guys.

    Annasann Mission

    There is more from Him on that board.

    Worth of readings.

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    That's His name in-Function. Illuminator. Of the Lighthouse.
    Some say He is the true one of Nobody myth.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    Thanks for the info chap, will give it a read and let you know what I think


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    Thanx. Nice forum here.

    I follow that person for a while now. In a silence dwell most precious diamants. Like that one.

    Hi there, admin.

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    ... and yes, they try to lock him in. You know, isolate him; in a prison. NWO. But not the highest ranks of it, the middle ones, arrogant wannabes. This story should be known, because it is a true conspiracy around him, not from him. Maybe people on here should focus on that. Anyway, it's worth going through readings of his posts there. Noone knows who really is him. Some say MOSSAD was in contact with him because they think he really is Messiah, no matter he is not a Jew. Also some other intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA, MI6 and FSB) and governments of most of the great countries looking after him, but he is from a small country and persecuted there constantly last 10 years, maybe he is already in a prison now there. Also, they take a pressure on a low-profile spiritual-religious organisation of which him & her are both founders and leaders.
    Obama, Medvediev and Putin also knows about him, so do Vatican. He has the political pedigree too, relative to a founder of Non-Alignment Movement and his lady which is with him also have it too on a same level. So, they scare of them both, politically and otherwise, because he & she can unite people, no matter they are more on low-profile and not interested in a political action as such.

    This is interesting story, but I can't go into details for now here, because they, NWO puppets, may come after me, lol.
    I am also from that small country, must be careful here. Government here is anxious about him, because he doesn't fit in their main agenda and in global NWO agenda too and they are scare of him and jealous too, lol.
    But he is not against NWO as such, more against negative characters in it and more for true Justice and good for all.

    That's what I know, it's a silent wind amongs people here and around the world, rumours, but nothing loud. Yet.

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    Thanks for the info!!! and welcome!!!!

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    Ha, not connected with May 21st nonsence. All the false ones running on that date. False flag.

    What is difference between Illuminati and Illuminator?

    Them are the Shadows with fake light Him is a Body of True Light.

    But he can be Savior of them too, not just of the masses, that's the point

    I don't follow much Matrix, but still Neo is close to him. I think all social conspiracy theories of near future would have him after as a main character of a symbolic breaking of collective illusion, because there must be the One as an example for many after to follow. That is the law of all social behaviour, no matter if people are collective or individual by their nature. There must be the One who can first break the Matrix for all the rest too, with the True Light which is out of the Matrix of dark System.

    Hope all is good with him, silence there on a board already for a while and he was nowhere else on the net, as I know.

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    He is a Messenger & Spiritual Son of God and Guarded by good Annunaki (soon to come).

    I will leave you now in your conspiracy world. Blind and hypnotised ones can't see the Light even if it is in front of their eyes.

    As it was said: FIAT LUX

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