Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei has been sentenced to four years for assaulting and falsely arresting a man in a dispute over 600.

Southwark Crown Court was told Waad Al-Baghdadi was arrested by Dizaei in a row over work on the officer's website. ...

The dispute between the men came to a head when Mr Al-Baghdadi, 24, demanded payment from Britain's most senior Asian officer for work on his personal website,

Mr Wright said once Dizaei realised inconsistencies in his account had been uncovered by detectives he attempted to get the case dropped.

CPS spokesman Gaon Hart: "Dizaei abused his position as a senior police officer"

Dizaei is a former president of the Metropolitan Black Police Association.

He had emerged unscathed from a series of earlier inquiries, including a multimillion-pound undercover operation examining claims of corruption, fraud and dishonesty.
Note a previous multimillion-pound undercover investigation of fraud, corruption and dishonesty examining claims of corruption fraud and dishonesty... that is the people we are dealing with..Sad isn't it?

BBC News - Met Commander Ali Dizaei jailed for corruption