Memo 'shows Blair Iraq war deal with Bush'

This is BIG news. It means that under LAW, Blair and Bush are both to be considered war criminals. At the very least I consider tony Blair a war criminal, and a liar.

Tony Blair denied striking a 'covert' deal with President Bush
The leader of Plaid Cymru's MPs claims he has a memo showing Tony Blair and George Bush struck a secret deal to invade Iraq a year before the war.
Elfyn Llwyd told the BBC's Straight Talk he had written to Iraq Inquiry chair Sir John Chilcot to say he would be prepared to hand the document over.
He says the memo, which is marked "Top Secret and Confidential" contradicts statements made by Ex-PM Mr Blair.
Mr Blair told the Iraq inquiry there had been no "covert" deal with Mr Bush.
Mr Blair is a Liar. Or Elfyn Llwyd is. Given the circumstances of the inaccurate intelligence from a taxi driver from Iraq about launch capability, and the ridiculousness of what Llwyd is saying, I say Blair is a liar a cheat, a fraud, and a conspirator to war crimes that can be proven in law.

Im appalled and disgusted how George Bush and Tony Blair can speak of outrageous conspiracy , terror, & Planned attacks killing thousands of people, and then, top it to the max with their own conspiring, terror, and 100's of thousands of resultant deaths, now its been proven, planned attacks too!

I know this is how corporate life works, how elitism works, and how the Illuminati 'method' works. It's basic really, you decide what you need to do, then find a way to justify it. Justification isn't just a fancy word that appeared in the 19th and 20th century, it was a way of 'being able to live' and 'permit' unspeakable crimes, in 'good will and faith', I think though, the real truth is, what a country needs is determined first, then how it can be legally justified . This is effective government (controlling minds Latin translation).

This is sad. Humanity was always better than that. As a young man even I knew this was all wrong when it happened. That was before my close encounter, before my research into Egypt the pyramids and the esoteric mystery schools. These guys are experienced men. It is no wonder political fringe weirdo's call them pure evil, they probably might just know what it takes.

Who knows. It doesn't change the facts reported in the news though ;) You decide.