To anyone who doesn't know this is huge news. Cairo have refused to do this for a long time. The New ages and doomsdayers will be having a field day!! If the pyramids are as old and as complicated as some people such as Hancock say - we really might find something that transforms the world just in time for 2012. My oh my! I hope it's something good !!!

Cairo, December 2nd, 2009 – Egypt’s leading Egyptologist, Dr Zahi Hawass, has revealed that an excavation team under his charge are investigating an ancient tomb at the centre of claims regarding the alleged discovery of a cave underworld beneath the Pyramids of Giza.

In August British writer and explorer Andrew Collins announced that he had rediscovered the entrance to a previously unexplored cave system, entered via a mysterious tomb several hundred meters west of the Great Pyramid.
Egypt?s Cave Underworld Under Investigation ? Egyptian archaeological team move in to find answers | Response Source