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    Alert Electrical Advertisement II

    Advertisement: I am building a flywheel generator system as built by Edward Leedskalnin did at Coral Castle, Rock Gate. I need your help and advice for parts. I need the following parts. Ford 1908 Model T differential and gearbox (90 degree transverse type transmission). Buzz Coil Ignition Systems from the ford 1908 model T. I also require some engineering or mechanical engineering advice or assistance in terms of mounting the magneto onto the differential properly (balanced) and especially securely (for high speed rotation).

    I have designed, and re-developed a magneto system (North and South Pole magnets on a wheel spinning) that supplies power to an coil winding, which provides power and polarity inversion timing for to the ignition model T (which has tunable spark gap). This in turn will invert the polarity (and thus the poles) on an electromagnet that sits inline with the flywheel, is powering the flywheel, and is powered by the flywheel. This should result in a "bulk" transport in excess of 100% unity akin to the way in which reverse resistance and mutual inductance is passed from the secondary to the primary in the T.M.T by reverse resistance, or the manifestation of -i in between A.C cycles from a magneto or an A.C power supply in the Tesla MAgnifier. Amplifications of output, or recirculating currents that exceed the input by over 100% are possible according to Steinmetz when leakages are proportionately and quantatively smaller than the power provided added to the power recirculated by reverse resistance per second. Hence the magnification factor. I Intend to determine if a magnetic pole arrangement system may be viable for this design in the same way that supposed lineal vectors of a planet, and it's gravitic 90 degree pull can be expressed by the poles of planets alone, to account for both the gravity, and the 90 degree expression of supposed lineal motion. This would suggest that perpetual orbits of planets, is not from a balanced lineal motion at 90 degrees to a gravity plane, and are in fact a result of the alignment of north pole of moon, to south pole of earth. This suggests where I to rotate the moon 1/2 of a radial, then it would fall, and that my magneto flywheel north and south pole spinning, with the right ignition timer, could create the self-referencing polar system seen in both the energy configuration's of planets, and in the Tesla Magnifier itself. This is a bold step in my career and I have invested all of my time and efforts into the pursuit of truth. Nikola Tesla's truth. Wilhelm Reich's truth. C. P Steinmetz truth. How atom's and their electrons apparently maintain an indefinite and perpetual spin, as according to the nobel prize winner Richard Feynman, and how academic theories such as "entanglement" relate strongly to the initial discoveries in radio frequency and transmission by Nikola Tesla and Heinreich Hertz. I have discovered that individuals such as Lord Kelvin and Wheatstone had experiments which conceived the speed of electrostatic induction to be 291,000 miles per second, a full 105,000 miles per second faster than the speed of light 186,000 miles per second. MY friend from NASA, has a working T.M.T at 137%, and I am using his design, and test data, and Eric Dollards mathematical equations to apply this to my flywheel. I have found a "co-efficient" or a "constant" relationship between the total surface area of a working T.M.T 137% amplification primary:secondary SA ratio and a secondary:extra SA Ratio. I have found that the ratio is a constant of about 1.56, roughly expressed by the theoretical ratio of difference between the theoretical speed of a longitudinal wave, or electrostatic induction of 291,000 miles per second, divided by the speed of light 186,000 miles per second.

    I have a belief that the electron is non existent. The electron is a reaction between the measuring instrument and the north and south poles causing the perpetual orbits inside the atom like the planets do. I have ways to prove this now and I invite anyone who wishes to help me with stiff engineering requirements and precise alignments that would be necessary to create a magneto, pickup, flywheel, ignition, magneto recirculating system as I have described earlier to test the arrangement's and timing of the redistribution of poles of my flyhweel system to create a perpetual motion akin to the atom's or the poles.

    I accept that many will not be willing. Neither was I. I was forced to do this work, by the motivation of astonishment alone. Confirmations have flooded my way, I have the basic perpetual motion holder that proves magnetism is a substance that is inside the metal. Not how science believes (What Tesla called "delusive theory [and] works of fiction"). Now it is time for me to build a system that can convert the permanent perpetual movement of the magnetic currents into perpetual power. The proof in it is that if the magnetic current (or magneitc fields) is not static like the experts say, and it is moving, then surely there is a perpetual movement occuring, and, in the right channels, these should have the capacity for perpetual flow considering that polar arrangement alone could be an alternatively and perfectly working expression for gravity (and it's motivational movement). This was what Nikola Tesla called the wheelwork of nature.

    I bid you this is my advertisment on my research into electrical theory, and the foundations of my beliefs, experiments , observations and philosophies. I did not get this far over night. I did study much harder than even the experts have, and, I had to used the inductive scientific method when the inventive method provided more inventive fictions that were too contradictory. This is similar condition in scientific theory that was suffered by the long-lived epicycle movement, until the inventive theories became so ridiculous that a non-epicycle movement of planets might usher a revolution into a truer, more representative science. If one is to look back at the history of Radio Corporation America in 1917. It will become obvious that the Tesla MArconi system used a two wave propogation, a complex magneto dielectric antennae systems that had transverse waves propogating sinusoidally at 186,000 miles per second, or at right angles in space and time, as well as the longitudinal waves of 291,000 miles per second that our scientists say cannot exist and do not exist or have ever been proven. I have discovered the old Marconi Wireless plant in Bolinas, California, it was using them, they did exist, and a man called Wheatstone, the inventor of the Wheatstone bridge actually put longitudinal waves of electrostatic induction to be 291,000 miles per second. Given Wheatstone is the father of electronics and computing in the way that faraday was the father of transformer theory - a clear divide occurs here. The R.C.A complex was taken over by a government military rule in 1917, Marconi was removed, and the whole thing became a government and military patent monopoly. IT was even ran by a general.

    That is why you think the longitudinal wave is only theoretical. It isn't. The longitudinal wave existed. IT worked here. If you are a scientist you know that you have been lied to or taught wrong, or that I "Must be a fraud". You must listen to me carefully. I have not lied. You can check it all. The claims of Nikola Tesla were to transmit energy absolutely regardless of distance. You experts tell us that planets do this with their gravity all the time, but you never put it together.

    The ocean delivers, from it's magnetic or gravitic force alone enough electrical potential and kinetic in the ocean to deliver power in the billions of trillions of watts, or, in a day of total ocean movement, we could power the earth for a year. The scientists and the experts though, they think they know, and they build their windmills and their hydro-dams, Tesla built Niagra falls - surely the greatest and first of them all. But tesla, like I and the aforementioned great men, we realised that if the ocean was being motivated by the Sea, and the limited devices of application such as hydroelectric or windpower were like toys in comparitive analysis of a device that could harness the field from the moon before it ever reached the ocean. He would not only be the richest man, but the man that discovered that power from the sea is a magnetic current. The power from the atom itself is of course ultimately more powerful, and the perpetual movement of the atoms as promised by Nobel Prize Winner Richard Feynman is certainly a truth. The denial and continuing beliefs preserved by current science of today ignores the working instruments of the brilliance of Tesla yesterday. The conception by experts that making use of the SECONDARY wind and SECONDARY Ocean currents being the only and most efficient way of leveraging energy, is the clear and delusive lie that prevents mankind from liberating itself from energy scarcity. Essentially, if I am correct, and their movements are secondary motivations, it is akin to an electrical engineer taking a single power cable and trying to gain power from it indirectly with a pickup coil next to the single wire. This is madness! This is inefficient! This is indirect. This is what the experts do though. They build their windmills, they build their wind-power, they build their dam's with sea-power, but the sea power comes from the moon, and the air power from the sun and the stars of space. And so, you can see, that if the ocean turned the moons gravity into energy, and the wind turned the airs potential current temperature difference into energy, then there are more direct ways to create power. Tesla claimed he had done this with his Wardenclyffe Tower. The company was sold, and the tower destroyed. Tesla claimed there were entirely more efficient systems that existed. If you were selling and creating devices that used this, would you want your car to spin around like an atom indefinitely, or would you prefer to sell more of them, and the fuels.

    Electricity is not electricity it should be called magnetricity, and then it would be alright. An Alternating Current Transmission line, for instance, you are probably wondering why it can keep it's magnets, or amperes, without too much loss, like in D.C. Because in A.C the pressure between each stop and start of the line is zero, and so magnets from the surrounding air currents flow in. This is why the A.C transmission line is able to keep it's volts, because it is working like a generator. Try using high voltage D.C, you will find it is useless. This is proof enough that A.C has a characteristic of energy gains akin to the Tesla MAgnifying Transmitter.

    Given that Tesla invvented the A.C system this should hardly be surprising. What i put to you that is surprising, is that A.C or north and south pole (clockwise and anticlockwise rotations) appear to be the same thing that motivates the rotation of the moons, planets, suns and stars, - and as much as the electrons. This was Tesla's discovery - also was his claim to have transmitted energy regardless of distance - or, transmit power at the speed that physicists theorise gravity may travel. Or rougly translated, the inventor of the A.C system discovered the electrogravitic connection, and then claimed to have harnessed it to use the planet for gravitic energy transmission (INSTANT POWER TRANSFER). Tesla went further claiming to have contacted aliens, using this system of transmission - he was ridiculed. However, the science of the experts suggests that if the gravity wave was harnessable some how as a transmission medium like morsecode, and an advanced civilisation anywhere in the entire universe was listening to their planets seismic vibrations, it may be possible for Tesla's system to work in this way.

    Let gravity be known as invisible ropes that extend accross all points in space. Get a rope of indefinite length and lay space with it, ignore that it would rip apart by the expansion of space, and assume an aether. Now when you push or pull with a longitudinal wave the speed of transmission is instant, not 291,000 miles/per second. Pull the rope, it's instant. Try a transverse propogation or sinusoidal up and down transmission of the rope accross the uiniverse. It is not instant. It is slow. And so, the fabric of space is really the thing that determines whether Leedskalnin, Reich, Dollard, Tesla, Steinmetz and I have really anything to the claim. One I intend to thoroughly put to the test.

    Thank you for reading my advertisement about electricity and magnetism. You and I, we are not educated if we cannot fully test our theories, inductively, and if necessarily inventively.

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    Hey A
    I know that I haven't posted much as late. This did get my attention. To try to find a model t drive assy with out buying a whole car is like searching for a needle in a hay stack and very expensive, just the remanufactureed gears cost around 1000 $ US.
    I know that you are trying to recreate EL set up.
    I would ask that you think of an alternate way of doing it.
    I know a lot about gearing,gear boxes ect. I can help you in that.
    God Bless

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    I will keep an eye out for parts. Check criags list

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