Congressman seems to be suggesting that Palestinians do not get an equal voting power.

If that is what he means, then this is as bad as NAZI Germany taking away the voting power of religious Jewish families in their country. The very suggestion to that any citizen would have any less voting power than the other is disgusting.

Can someone please explain where we've misunderstood what this man is saying, because it actually sounds identical to the Nazi propaganda for German-Austria anschluss, and indeed, when it occured, ALL jewish people in austria and Germany alike became second citizens.

Is this what the man is suggesting?? Because, you know, Hitler said that Austria and Germany couldn't work as a 'two state solution' and should be reunited. Interesting parallel don't you think?

In a Washington Times op-ed, Rep. Joe Walsh, a Tea Party Republican from Illinois, unveils his new plan for solving the Israel-Palestine problem:
1) Make the occupied territories part of Israel;

2) Give Palestinians who live in those territories "limited voting power" in the new, bigger Israel that they'll have suddenly become residents of. (Walsh doesn't define his euphemism, but no doubt the idea is that Jews get one-person-one-vote and Palestinians get something less, so that Israel can remain a Jewish state.)

3) Palestinians who don't like having "limited voting power" can move to Jordan.

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