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Thread: Meyl shows Tesla longitudinal waves for wireless energy transmission

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    science Meyl shows Tesla longitudinal waves for wireless energy transmission

    Konstantin Meyl shows wireless transmission of energy by longitudinal waves (scalar waves) by using two Tesla coils (one transmiter and one receiver) . Year: 2003

    Low voltage apparatus demonstrates faster than light speed and excess energy at the receiver.

    It will be shown that scalar waves, which normally remain unno-
    ticed, are very interesting in terms of their practical use for information and
    energy technology because of their special attributes. The mathematical and
    physical derivations are supported by practical experiments. The demonstra-
    tion will show the following: (1) the wireless transmission of electrical ener-
    gy, (2) the reaction of the receiver to the transmitter, (3) free energy with an
    over-unity-effect of about 10, (4) transmission of scalar waves with 1.5 times
    the speed of light, and (5) the inefficiency of using a Faraday cage to shield
    scalar waves.

    Dr. Manfred Doepp about prof. Meyl's Scalar Wave Experimental Set

    Dr. Doepp explains about scalar waves and how they influence us and how they can be used for the greater good of healing and health matters. Dr. Doepp shows the scalar wave experimental set from prof. Meyl.
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    Thank YOU

    Love this site and you do great research. If this tech was not purposely withheld from the public, things would be much better.
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    You're welcome and please take this to as many people as possible. I've lost dear ones to cancer and watched helplessly as the criminal pharma syndicate murdere these folks with chemo and radiation therapy.

    > If this tech was not purposely withheld

    More than a few were taken down brutally for bringing this technology.

    Georges Lakhovsky had a 98% success rate in treating fatal cancers over an 11-year period. Today we celebrate a 50% five-year survival rate.

    Here is the story of the Multi-Wave Oscillator. It is part Tesla coil, part Earth generator, pure genius. Lakhovsky's device was used in this country until 1942 and in Europe for about another 15 years. It was ordered removed from the US hospitals that were using it shortly after Lakhovsky died in 1942. He was hit by a car. Coincidence? You be the judge.
    Lakhovsky MWO
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    It is was with sincere thanks and wholehearted appreciation that I might say, humanity is beginning to take notice of the work of Konstantin Meyl, Eric Dollard and Wilhelm Reich. Necromancer is one of the first to post here who I can see has done his research.

    Even Royal Rife, the inventor of the electron microscope by the way, it is hard to believe, but he cured cancer for many years, using his theory of MORTAL OSCILLATORY RATE. In the case of the multiwave oscillator, it is capable of the same working methodology: it can physically create different wavelengths and frequencies of sound. The standing wave, and harmonics of any bacterium just like a string, and even in virii, or even toxic molecules, cancer cell, they all have a different symmetry, and set of harmonics that will cause it to vibrate. Just like a string on an instrument, or a peice of metal of a given area , length & symmetry will vibrate at different standing wave superpositions from an emitting sound wave.

    This technology is the foundation for a new world in medicine which has been stolen from us since the Federal Drug Administration appears to have been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry, making it not only corrupted, but particularly biased in that, many of it's board members are executives for a pharmaceutical company. It is the authors personal opinion that this is akin to Petroleum Companies owning, or sitting on a council for Greenpeace. It is equivalent to The military & Government "looking after" electricity, and electrical power. It was the greatest mistake for the liberties of man, his freedoms of choice for his own personal good or bad are gone, and organisations like the F.D.A have been documented to have had Wilhelm Reich arrested, burnt his books, and in my opinion assasinated him in an FBI jail.

    To think, that I am only just getting started, actually makes one hold the fluid in one's mouth that comes up, thinking, that these bastards, clearly, have committed a crime against humanity, and called it "Safety & Insurance".

    Criminal. Criminal. Criminal.

    In the case of aggressive vibration, pharmaceuticals would have eventually have become considered ENTIRELY TOXIC and absolutely beneficial to the body, given, the remedy using merely sound, to destroy almost any alien pathogen in the body, with such great effect, that the technology could most likely create an electrical situation where not only do the unhealthy cells, or harmful complex molecules become shaken apart, or broken up into their constituent parts, but the physical cells which are healthy may want to "retain their constituent parts" better, The hypothesis is that whilst some frequency harmonics cause a mortal oscillatory rate (standing wave vibration that is significant enough to dissasociate molecules and kill harmful pathogenic life), others may cause the enzymes , pressure flows and currents, organ structure beneficial effects via less aggressive vibration, which may have electro-energetic, electrolyte, bio-chemical and mechanical interaction, via the direct method of causing movement of specific wavelength and frequencys.

    You could say that the MOR (Mortal Oscillatory rate) is a isolated frequency that will shake apart a string, or a cell, or a virus. What you can also say is that healthy cells, and healthy systematic arrangements of the body, such as areteriole and ventricular arrangement are dependent on the "flow" of current, in this way no cells are specialised, except in their arrangement, for instance when there is a hole in the vessel of one of these systematic arrangements of differing biosystems, a RBC is able to alter it's function, based on merely the "natural flow" of the cells. Or rather, the arrangement of the cells and the currents determined the speciality of the cell. Much in the same way an arrangement might be accomplished by natural healing remedy, there is likely to be a multitude of frequencies which will in my opinion promote an alteration of these flows, in the cases of a severe wound which a man would certainly die, a sufficient harmonic resonator would be able to make the blood "Stand in place" without falling outside of the body, thus preventing death from loss of blood, merely from the use of sound in controlling the natural flow of currents, one is able to remedy many afflictions.

    If one is to travel back to The shamans in africa, you will find but a mere trace of the wisdom and understanding of MENTAL (electrical bio chemical function) and the interaction of mind states, and body states, on afflictions such as back pain. The shaman's practice has been destroyed by the pharmaceutical lobby interests, and the invincible law-less capital faith that is known as the disease of The Vatican has spread their "Christian Lies" about medicine and holistic thought. Holistic thought and medicine that requires no fluoride and zinc, or valium, anti depressants that require only a single dose, I don't know, like Ibogaine, must be evil and inhabited by the devil himself.

    Hmm, I wonder. 100,000 deaths are caused by what the FDA calls "Adverse Symptom Reactions" or ASR, that's an interesting label for something that kills you, something that people with NON ASR symptoms manage to somehow tolerate each day. Of course, the toxicity differences are most alarming. However we need not go to much into this.

    The shaman was a brilliant holistic teaching, which has been attempted to be destroyed, along with the holistic understanding that the way a person thinks, or the things he has experienced, effects his mental state, well being, which affects the things he does with his body. Of course, the things he does with his body affects the way his organs work, and the way those organs work affects his mind, and all of the other interdependent systems. In "FDA land" and "pharmaceutical capital haven" where the devil lives, there is no such thing as a "Unified" Biochemistry. Speaking of crimes against humanity in Africa, here's one going on in the medical industry. The failure by FDA-land to understand that systems are independent in "FDA Land" results in a systematic response within the human body. The failure by FDA-land to uphold the fact that the only method of treatment is chemical intereference. Such failure is a result, no doubt of failing to purport to the majority of their FDA land users that the reason why most chemical pharmaceuticals toxins can do work on the body is because they act on the geometry of the living cells.

    Such continuous failures by the FDA land to understand and purport to their users the truth: that each pharmaceutical drug is enabling the living cells in the body to do work differently, it is altering the electrical currents, their ratio's , and it is changing and connecting the symmetry of one molecule to fit another. The continuous suppression of such "radiant" NON HERTZIAN Oscillating Current technology as invented and demonstrated by Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich represents the illness of man, and the inability to understand that many diseases, are caused by a mental state, that caused a condition in the body, and any new condition can effect the mental state, and the body state. Let me give an example:

    If you drink too much cola, you may one day be in FDA land, because it will erode your teeth, bacteria will get inside your gums more easily, since the natural protective system is weakened in one part of the inderdepenant system of the body, in this case the mouth. The bacteria eventually works it's way down into the heart and arteries, and spreads around the body, this will cause the body to be under a greater strain because of the external pathogens that are breaching one of the protective immunity barriers of the human system. The bacteria can grow in the body and it can cause damage if the immune system, for some reason is unequipped (without a chemical or molecule shape or string of rope wrapped up) or perhaps unable (because of too much bacteria coming in, virus infections), causing the organs not to "keep up" with the onset of the infection.

    So, as you can see, the FDA land approach would be to add more toxins, but the shamanic approach is to understand that you can't really cure something that's already happened, and you can't really treat the symptom without understanding the totality of the problem in the interdependant system. Here is a useful example, failure to consider the interdependant systems of the human body a cancerous tumour can be surgically removed incorrectly, causing it to spread to other organs, and blood vessels. You should know there are many biological and chemical enzymes found all around nature which can block the spread of cancers in this way. For instance there is scientific proof at UCLA that Cannabis Trichomes are linked to suppressing the spread of cells, and even , "promoting the destruction of cancerous cells". The question that is really worthwhile is how do all of these biological , chemical, even synthetic pharmaceuticals work on the body to accomplish such a feat? Is it biological, is it chemical? Electrical? The only answer is, that it is all of these things, and that the study of science in itself is an attempt to untangle the systems into faculties. The danger of seperating faculties in such a way of course could result in the major and devestating misunderstanding that a single drug should be administered for a single condition, when, the condition is not caused by a single thing, but a spacial function of multiple indictative effects of the degredation of interdependant systems.

    THE MOST BASIC Hypothesis: If we assume the heart keeps the blood flowing, if there is a problem with the arteries and veins, then, there is a problem with the heart. So as you can see, drinking coca cola, may cause bacteria to get down into arteries, which would stress the body, and make it prone to disease, for instance in cancer and great sickness, which would make the stomach less able to provide power to failing organs to recover, the failing arteries and veins to recover, and indeed to keep the heart pumping itself, so that the stomach is able to provide energy.

    We could say that the stomach gives the heart what it needs using the heart to do it.

    It's truth like this that the FDA and pharmaceuticals will hunt down, sue & kill people for, and worse. I think not when people like me and Lakhovsky, Dollard and Reich are alive, they would never get away with suppressing it, because we could explain it in simple terms that would anger the common public so much, that they would fear a witch hunt should they attempt it. Rightly so, but when people like Dollard and Lakhovsky, Tesla and Reich die, it is the hope of the FDA Land that it is forever Disney. Fantasy. So, it is with sweet irony that our greatest academics of physics biology and chemistry, would all agree, that these disciplines deserve to be seperate; such a bitter sweet failure of man this is. Fantasy and ironical fact that the same delusions of fantasy , and supposed-heresy we are accused of are the the deliverance of the chronic delusions of the Roman Church in Holistic Shamanic Discipline (everything is connected) , and replacing it with this so called saviour to the devil of holistic medicine disciplines, and calling it the godly pharmaceutical industry of FDA land. There should be a special prison reserved for those people you would think, but the truth is , they clearly, must fundamentally already live in one, to be so deluded in their methodology, criminally insane for the pharmaceutical FDA-land interest in substantiating false claims, finding a friend of the Roman Catholic church, and if I am correct, indeed replacing the true saviour of medicine (universal holistic's) with whatever you want to call this bastardisation of understanding today (isolated madness of one FDA-land which must protect all human beings from medical care, for their own benefit, less they die from a treatment that does not burn you with radioactive waves, cut out part of your living healthy tissue, or soak ones tissue in a toxic substance to rid one self of one affliction, usually causing many others).

    The sad thing is if I am right, if these men are right, electricity is simply a more direct method of accomplishing the same thing.

    Another 100 years? ;) hehehe


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    The genie is out of the bag. At least in Eastern Europe.

    I'm seeing a lot of effort by the establishment to mix Tesla with lesser contemporaries and misuse his name to promote occult agenda. Don't let anyone tell you different. Tesla was never a freemason.

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    The Europeans always were troublesome for the American Militat

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