Where is the missing reactor? Why does it looks like the entire reactor has leaked out.

Why does it looks like the possibility many people have died around the site? because.... I think they have.

We are not hearing the full truth I think.

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These are important photographs because you can sit down and analyze them and see exactly what really happened there.
TO THE SCAMMERS SAYING THE OCEAN ABSORBED THE QUAKE: Water has absolutely no effect on the propagation of an earthquake. Given the fact that water has a specific gravity of 1, and the average specific gravity of the crust being about 2.7, And the fact that the crust is 80 miles thick, saying the ocean could absorb a quake is like saying you can protect a window from a sledge hammer by spraying it with water.

Sheer stupidity, and an outright scam. To my readers, please post this comment everywhere you see people pushing that lie, and link THIS CHART which clearly shows the epicenter originated INLAND at station MYG004, with the oceanic epicenter (marked by the star) being a media fabrication. This immutable truth kills the "ocean absorbs a quake" "theory" DEAD.

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

This report is based on official records and evidence which cannot be silenced. The whole truth could not be definitively dug up with 9-11, but this was NOT the case with Japan's disaster.

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