What the company known as Radio Corporation America do not want you to know is that the orbits of the planetary objects and the magnetic flux of the sun , and indeed, the other stars variant radiation currents, significantly effect the operation of the electrical transformers and transmission lines that run on the planet earth.

Whilst the rotation of the sun, relative to the running of a current in the wire is ignored by the scientists, for over 100 years now the electrical engineers that built our Electrical Systems have known with certainty that solar activity of the cosmic force affects the voltage in the transmissions lines and the transformers that run at power station.

The reason largely is because, the engineers and electrical engineers ran the Electrical Systems, and witnessed the bizarre transient phenomenon that was witnessed at several electrical companies at the turn of the 20th Century, both included Westinghouse as well as Edisons General Electric, R.C.A having inherited the major piece of the industry at the end of the decade of electrical mergers, had both the research and the original documentation rulesets used originally by maxwell, in quarternions (non second order derivatives).

The reason why companies like R.C.A do not want you to know this small fact, is because it would alter the scientific theory, and thereby inhibiting the corporate monopoly and secrecy of the true nature of electrical systems, as quickly as it would take engineers to make the realisation that a science of Maxwell supported a system of radio transmission that could exceed both that of light, and indeed, that of dimension.

Engineers would measure capacitors and transformers at the electrical station, and find the voltage to be 0, yet the capacitor/transformer inside will explode. Explanations are a many, but clearly a resonant effect from cavity structures of magnetic kind orbiting and rotating around this planet, that is inducting into the wire, thus proving the claim.

That is why the Aurora borealis can knock out the electrical grid, and radio, as simply as an Nuclear bomb. It is because the EMF (or electromotiveforce) can be transfered into magneto motive force, and back, therefore the induction signal of the explosion of a nuclear bomb, or a a solar flare hitting the atmosphere, can overwhelm the sensitive electrical technology, which is indeed, founded upon the same waves of the stars.

That is precisely what RCA don't want you to know. That is why Tesla Marconi was taken over by R.C.A in the early-mid 20th century, both by a Military General, as well as under the remit of Government Control.

This was described by Tesla as the great disease. Strong words indeed.