There are claims in the Russian media; the country was within a hair’s breadth of a disaster comparable to Chernobyl a few weeks ago. It is alleged a strategic missile-carrying sub was on fire for more than a day with its entire arsenal aboard.

According to Kommersant-Vlast magazine the submarine K-84 ‘Ekaterinburg’ was undergoing minor repairs when it caught fire on December 29 during routine maintenance at a dry dock in Murmansk in Northern Russia. The missiles had not been offloaded as the repairs were regarded as minor, and the sub was due to return to service early in 2012.
The magazine claims the scale of emergency has been downplayed.

Equipment on the K-84

The standard arsenal of the K-84 is 16 intercontinental ballistic Sineva missiles with four thermonuclear warheads on each one of them. Every missile is also a tank filled up with highly toxic and combustible fuel. A missile weighs about 80 tons and most of that is fuel.

The submarine is also armed with up to 12 torpedoes and anti-submarine missiles, with about 300 kilograms of high-power military explosive or a nuclear warhead on every one.
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